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Toshit Bhatnagar

Apart from being a photographer, I am the problem solver. You can count on me to get things done smoothly. I believe in living larger than life and I work hard for it.

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Tanya Prasad

create Art I believe in. I have multiple colours on my palette which I like to experiment with.

I am passionate about photography, new concepts and stories.

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Creating concepts as per the brand's aesthetics and requirements.


Finding the right team, location, on set production, coordination, planning and execution.  


Fashion, Advertising, E-commerce, Product, Food, Lifestyle, Editorial, Print shoots Photo and Video Shoots etc.

With the right gears and knowledge, we aim to deliver our best. 

Post Processing

Team of expert editors to create professional Imagery.

• Clean up

• Skin Retouching

• Colour Grading

• Cut-outs

• Composites


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